My research is primarily focused on developing techniques to identify coordinated misinformation, focusing on methods for identifying multilingual text similarity.

I am part of the GATE team, and currently working on the VIGILANT project.


  • A Large-Scale Comparative Study of Accurate COVID-19 Information versus Misinformation - arXiv Preprint
    Y. Mu, Y. Jiang, F. Heppell, I. Singh, C. Scarton, K. Bontcheva, X. Song
  • Team SheffieldVeraAI at SemEval-2023 Task 3: Mono and multilingual approaches for news genre, topic and persuasion technique classification - arXiv Preprint, accepted for publication
    B. Wu, O. Razuvayevskaya, F. Heppell, J. Leite, C. Scarton, K. Bontcheva, X. Song
    Paper Semantic Scholar Code (coming soon)