A retro-inspired web app to compare your Spotify history with your friends, built with Vue.js and AWS Lambda.

Winner of Best Hack 1st place, Domain.com Best Domain and IBM Best Serverless.


Built at hackSheffield 6, with Josh O’Sullivan.

hackSheffield 6 was fully online, so we made a brief submission video featuring a tour of Spot the Difference. We’ve made a lot of improvements since submission so this video is slightly out of date.


Spot the Difference is a Vue.js frontend app which hits an AWS Lambda running Flask, orchestrated with Serverless. The lambda uses a DynamoDB table to associate Spotify API tokens with a shareable three word code.


The app pulls top artists and tracks over the short, medium and long term from Spotify’s API, and produces some visualisations using the data. You can find a detailed description of each visualisation in the project’s README.