Web Dev


hackSheffield is The University of Sheffield's MLH hackathon society. I was Technology Officer from April 2019-2020.

hackSheffield 5 Site

This site was developed and updated in the run-up to hackSheffield 5. The previous site was a single page non-static site which, shortly after I took over, broke. Working with our Design & Publicity officer I built a new Jekyll-powered static site with hackSheffield’s new brand.

A group of 8 people wearing purple t-shirts
hackSheffield’s 19-20 Organising Committee

hackSheffield Society Site

After hackSheffield 5, the main goal of our committee was to run more events throughout the year. To support this, I developed a new website for the society as a whole, which includes a section to list our upcoming events and a list of past committees.

A screenshot of hacksheffield.com