Web Dev


Built With
  • Vue.js
  • Go
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
Created With

A clicker game that went viral across the world in 2021.

Popcat.click started as a simple singleplayer clicker game, inspired by clicker games of old (except less interesting). After the addition of an international leaderboard, it first started gaining attention in Vietnam, before spreading across Nordic countries in April 2021. Popcat.click then went viral in Thailand, including featuring in pro-Democracy protests.

It recieved coverage in USA Today, BBC World Service ThailandTH, Gamespot, South China Morning Post, Mashable SEA, Turun SanomatFI, and even a video interview with MTV UutisetFI.

Our bot tweets live updates of new milestones and daily leaderboards, as well as the occasional meme.

I primarily worked on infrastructure, including developing a cache system to serve the leaderboard to thousands of concurrent users across the world.